We are happy to announce that we have just released our Faculty Activities Database.

It really is an important milestone for our department as with this database we've addressed a couple of important issues keeping and accessing faculty CVs, TDs, merit forms, and annual activities reports. This database will unlock new potential in flexibility and easiness in accessing data and building reports. Presently, we are importing faculty CVs from our old database (STAR) and as soon as we import your CV, you will receive your user id and password (reset your password right away by clicking on "Setting" button and then reset password.).

Here are some quick tips and things of note when using the database:

  • Please review imported information by selecting report and then Curriculum Vitae. Any changes and updates can be done using data entry forms.
  • Data-entry form headings are listed on the left side of the FAD interface and clicking on one will take you to the data-entry area.
  • Dates are very important, and must be added as completely as you can, this is important for filtering data by year for merit and other reports and for sorting.
  • IMPORTANT: For publication section we have added text editor so you can format your publications the way you need it. To enter text in the visual editor, simply place your cursor inside the white box and start typing, just as you would in any word processing program. Highlight the word or phrase you want to format, (i.e. if you wanted to make the text bold or italics), and click the appropriate function button (i.e. B for bold, I for italics).
  • This database design is based on FOM annotated CV. Please fill in the sections only relevant to you.
  • We have customized section 8 (teaching activities) to allow us to capture and record all aspects of faculty teaching.

As this is our first version of the project, please keep in touch with us and let us know about any issues or suggestions you may have. Please contact Debbie Bertanjoli at DBertanjoli@pathology.ubc.ca